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free flip book creatorFlipSnack is a service brought to you by SnackTools, which makes it incredibly easy to create flipbooks for free. Using the step by step wizard, it couldn’t be simpler to create a flipbook and host it on their website, or embed it on your own.

With a variety of templates to choose from, easy sharing of flipbooks on social networking sites, and viewer statistics, FlipSnack offers an amazing variety of features for free. If you’d prefer to use a desktop app to create a flipbook, check out FlipSuite Create Your Own Flipbook With Flipbook Printer (Windows Only) Create Your Own Flipbook With Flipbook Printer (Windows Only) Read More , a Windows-only app we’ve reviewed in the past, previously known as Flipbook Printer.

To use FlipSnack, you can register for a free account or log in using your Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo or MySpace account.
free flip book creator
Flipbooks can be created using a PDF file of up to 500 pages. You can either upload the PDF file directly from your computer, or import if it is already stored online using the direct URL.
free flip book maker
Once you’ve uploaded the file, depending on how large the file is, FlipSnack will convert the document into a flipbook.
free flip book maker
If you choose to add another PDF file to your flipbook, you can do so while the first file is being converted. If you’re using a free account, a total of 3 PDFs can be added to one flipbook.  Each PDF file uploaded to one flipbook will appear as a separate book or section within the flipbook.
free flip book maker
Once you’ve uploaded each of your files, you can edit the information that is automatically filled in – the title and description.
free flip book
The next step is to customize your flipbook. There are four templates to choose from which you can preview. The Classic template uses the front page of the PDF as the cover and looks like a magazine.
free flip book
The Hardcover template changes the front image to a leather cover, and you have the choice between 5 colors.
free flip book
The Coil flip template looks like a spiral notebook, using your PDF cover as the front image.

The Interactive template looks almost identical to the classic template but includes icons for user feedback.


After settling on your template, you can further customize the flipbook by setting a specific width and height for the book, choose the colors and style of the background, and the cover of the Hardcover template. You can also choose to show buttons to make it easy to share the flipbook on Twitter, Facebook, or simply by sharing the link wherever you want.

After your flipbook has been published, you can easily share it, or generate the embed code for a watermarked version of the flipbook. If you want to embed the book without a watermark or download it, it will cost you $19.

In addition to being able to share your flipbook, you can also keep track of view stats from your account, and edit it, if you decide you want to change the title, settings, or even add more PDF files.

When you share the link with other users, they can comment on the flipbook if they are logged into their Facebook accounts.

When reading the flipbook, users can hit the click to read button to go into full screen where your flipbook looks exactly as it did in the preview screen.
free flip book creator
FlipSnack is a pretty slick service, with an impressive array of features for free, and SnackTool provides five other similar services for free. You can create gif and flash banners with BannerSnack, create online surveys and polls with QuizSnack, photo slideshows with PhotoSnack, a customized audio player with your own playlist with PodSnack and lastly, a video player and playlist with TubeSnack.

Do you have any recommendations for free services to create online flipbooks? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Kenneth
    May 5, 2015 at 12:10 pm

    Hey Nancy

    I know you can't know about all flip book sites, but do you have any experience with Paperturn? It's not for free...well, there's a 14 day trial...but besides that. I guess the features offered by a free flip book is somehow more limited than many of the sites, where you have to pay - or what? I've looked around the Net, and though it's not for free, Paperturn is not that expensive in comparison with others, and they provide the feature SEO, which for many firms is quite important. Thanks for a cool and helpful blog :)

  2. Muthu Bharathi
    July 18, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    Really impressive web tool !

  3. riki
    May 31, 2011 at 11:29 am

    This is a really cool blog with cool articles about cool apps. Thank you very much for showing us this amazing tool. Keep up the great work!

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    May 31, 2011 at 2:34 am

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