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create-hotkeys-windows We have all see those expensive keyboards with keys on them that launch your email, favorite websites, applications and can even tweak volume controls. Now we aren’t going to run out and drop some duckets on a new keyboard to get some hotkeys”¦ But what if I told you that you can duplicate that functionality and create hotkeys on Windows by designating keys that are not frequently used on your machine as shortcuts?

Sounds awesome right? And it is! Let’s take a look at Keyboard Tweaker from Buturga Alex.

I started by downloading the 732kb zip file containing the installer. I know everything has been portable lately but this needs to be installed. We can see that the install will only use 1.5 mb of space on your hard drive and it’s memory footprint is also very small. But we will take a look at that in a little bit.

Once the install is complete you can check a check box to have it launched automatically or load it up from your start menu. Once it is launched you will see this screen and a new System Tray icon.



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That is the system tray icon it looks like a cross between a bowling ball and a smiley face. When the bowling ball starts winking at you – it will become apparent that it is a smiley face! Right clicking on the icon will give you two options to either show or exit the application.

Once you have the console open you can start tweaking your keyboard. I first tried to modify some of the commands the author included. The first example is Control + Shift + E – this will open and email message in your default email client to the recipient in the hotkey. I changed his address to mine by highlighting the line and modifying it below:


Now when I hit Control + Shift + E – it does this:


Cool so you can test your shortcut by hitting the test button and you apply the changes by hitting the APLLY button. Now what I really wanted to do was to use my function keys as hotkeys. Let’s see how that worked out.

I went back to my console and scrolled down until I found Volume Up. I then modified it to just use F2 like this:


Hitting Test or F2 after clicking APLLY now not only brings up my volume but it also shows it on screen like so:


The possibilities are endless! You can have your machine doing anything at a push of a button. And if you write scripts, batch files or AutoIT scripts – this can launch those as well.

We would love to hear what you are using this or another hot key application for. Did you ever use a program to create hotkeys for Windows before? Put us on in the comments!

  1. Scrin
    May 30, 2009 at 5:08 pm

    Very nice job, love it.

  2. horseyboy
    May 11, 2009 at 9:15 am

    i wonder if this would work on Linux using Wine?

  3. Umar
    May 8, 2009 at 12:01 pm

    this is simply awesome....Definitely going to download this software....Thanks for the great find!

    Excellent post! Kudos for you

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