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CreateHDR is an online HDR effect generator tool that lets you easily add HDR effects to images without using Photoshop or any other HDR software.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) conversion is a technique used in photography to improve photo quality. The idea behind is to make each spot standout in its own way. The HDR photos usually have a very attracive look and frequently used in the magazines.

hdr effects in photoshop

To start with HDR photography simply upload the image from your computer or webpage. The convention will start immediately and takes a few minutes to produce HDR rendered image. You can then easily readjust results using sliders and when satisfied save it to your computer. You can optionally share it with the public by publishing it in CreateHDR image gallery.

See a sample HDR image below:

hdr generator


  • Generate HDR images online.
  • Use it as many times as you like.
  • Supported image formats: JPG only.
  • Maximum allowed image size 6 MB
  • Flickr integration coming soon.
  • No sign up needed.

Check out Create HDR @


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