How To Create Effective Images For Your Facebook Page

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Did you know that Facebook users are more inclined to like photos than text posts?

According to a HubSpot study, pictures get liked 53% more often than the average post. Human beings are visual animals. We love to look at pictures and videos, and that is a fact your business needs to exploit.

There are a lot of hurdles businesses have to jump in order to get any exposure on Facebook. But the fact remains that activity on your Facebook page will result in a larger base of paying customers and more revenue. All you have to do is create images that people want to see and share.

Good Facebook images have to stand on their own and tell a story that people will want to like and share. Remember that according to Facebook’s guidelines, your image cannot be more than 20 percent text, so the picture itself needs to have value and grab people’s interest.

Have Clear And Effective Images

The Internet is filled with stock photo websites that can help you find creative commons images for your business. Many of these website provide free photos, but note that you will have to give the photographer credit in some cases. Make sure you read the exact terms of use for each website.

For simple editing, you can use one of the several free photo editors and online editing tools we’ve recommended in he past, or go for your favorite editing software for cropping, resizing and adjustments.

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Have you looked into purchasing a digital camera lately? These days, you can buy a camera that can take professional photos for significantly less than you would expect. With some tweaking, you can create images that look like you paid a professional a fortune.

Spend some time reading the user manual that comes with your camera, as well as these tips for photography beginners, and practice taking great pictures for your business. In no time at all, you will be able to put custom photos on Facebook that will drive revenue to you website.

If you have a major event or announcement coming up, it may be worth it to invest in the services of a professional. If you feel confident enough in your own photography abilities, go ahead and save yourself the costs of hiring a pro. But if you can spare the budget for a professional’s input, it would be a worthwhile investment.

Change Things Up From Time To Time


IBM is a company that is famous for making computers. With the new updates to the Google search algorithm, IBM would be punished if it tried to use pictures of delicious desserts just to get people to visit their website. However, on Facebook, IBM is rewarded with likes and shares for posting pictures of delicious desserts.

When it comes to pictures on your business Facebook page, do not be afraid to shake things up a little. If you own a computer manufacturing company, you can post pictures of delicious desserts from time to time. these should have some tie-in to your business if you want them to enhance your viral reach statistics, but don’t be afraid to experiment.

Another way to shake things up is to post something other than photographs from time to time. Put together an interesting infographic and entertain as well as inform your Facebook users. You may even be able to get away with posting a comic strip from time to time, so long as it has something to do with your business.

Get Customers Involved

One of the great things about your Facebook business page is that you can prevent your fans from posting directly to your wall. If you want them to start posts, you can have those posts go to a small box off to the side where they can do no initial damage. That is why it is safe to ask customers post their own pictures of them using your product. You will want to set your Facebook page to let you to approve all customer posts before they actually make it to your page, just to be safe.

Another way to get your customers involved is to use customer pictures to create professional looking images for your Facebook business page. A montage of customer pictures put together by a free collage-making tool will help your customers get more emotionally attached to your business.


Remember that you cannot officially give away prizes or discounts to customers who allow you to use their pictures. But that is okay, because all you really want is the added exposure and emotional enhancement that posting customer pictures brings.

When your customers see their pictures on your actual Facebook business page, that makes them feel like you care about them. They will develop a stronger emotional bond to your company that will result in more likes and shares for your other images.

Always Be Creative


If you sell cars, don’t bore your customers with a barrage of ordinary car pictures. Get creative and offer your customers something new every day. Put a sombrero on your car deal of the week, or create an artsy image of your newest model floating among the clouds. Sometimes a Facebook business image doesn’t need to make sense. Sometimes people are attracted to off-beat and unusual images.

The point is to try and promote your business while also offering something that people might have never seen before. It is not always easy, but the payoff can be significant when it’s done right. An image from your Facebook page that goes viral and starts appearing on Facebook news feeds all over the world can be worth more than any magazine or television advertisement.

What kind of images are you putting on your Facebook business page? Are they getting the kind of attention you need?

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