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FAVC is a free collection of tools used to convert your media files, such as AVI, MP4, WMV and more to a DVD disk. FAVC is currently for Windows only. You can convert one video or multiple videos to a disk, and it includes automatic menu creation.


FAVC is a frontend for a handful of other free software. It includes:

  • AC3Fix
  • Aften
  • Avisynth Plugins
  • Avs2avi
  • Batchmux
  • DGPulldown
  • HC
  • (Encoder)

  • ImgBurn
  • MediaInfo
  • Mencoder
  • mkisofs
  • MKVtoolnix
  • MuxMan
  • QuEnc
  • SubtitleCreator
  • twoLAME
  • Wavi

What I like about this software is that it very simple to use on first glance, but then there are a lot of configuration options available to use.

FAVC Configuration Options

Once you hit “Generate DVD”, it first analyzes the video files you have added. It then automatically generates a batch file that it uses to generate the disk. After that, it runs the encoding.


FAVC Encoding

The end result is a DVD – either the VIDEO_TS folders and if you choose, the .iso file that you can burn directly to the disk through the software, or with your own software if you should choose.

FAVC is great, free software that will help you to play those media files on your DVD player if you don’t have a device that supports MP4 (Apple TV), or AVI/DivX (XBox360, PS3, or DivX supported DVD Player).

Do you use anything similar to make DVD’s that you can recommend?

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