How To Create Your Own Custom Chrome Theme, Quickly & Easily

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custom chrome themeIf you’re like me, you’ve long looked for and failed to find the perfect Chrome theme. It might exist, somewhere out there in the densely populated Chrome Web Store, but I never did find it.

So I made my own. With “My Chrome Theme“, a free plugin from Google, you can upload your own photos, choose your own color scheme and even share your personal theme with anyone. It’s quick, and you’ll finally have the theme you were looking for.

We’ve shown you how to design your own Google Chrome theme, but that process wasn’t exactly simple. It required learning a new program and firing up an image editor, among other steps. With “My Chrome Theme” the process becomes much simpler. All you need is a beautiful program for your background and a good eye for color.

Using My Chrome Theme

First things first, find the perfect image on your hard drive or on the web. I’ll wait.

Got it? Good. Open up My Chrome Theme and you’ll have the chance to add it:

custom chrome theme

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You can alternatively use your webcam, if your own face is your idea of the perfect picture.

Add your picture and you’ll immediately be taken to the second step, where you can pick the three colors that make up your Chrome theme:

google chrome theme

There’s a limited number of colors, sure, but it’s not hard to find tones that compliment your photo. I find it works best if you use darker colors for the window than for the tabs, but what you do is completely up to you – that’s kind of the point here.

Click through to the next step and you’re ready to preview and install your new theme:

google chrome theme

You also get a link you can use to share your new theme with friends, family and the occasional enemy.

Your theme probably doesn’t look as good as mine, but that’s only because my wife Kathy is an amazing photographer. I might be in trouble for using her photo without permission; whatever. Here’s how her work looks covered in icons:

google chrome theme

You can open the plugin again anytime to retrieve the link for your theme, to reinstall the theme or delete your theme from the web.

custom chrome theme

Create your own seasonal collection and rotate; it’s good to be reminded there’s a world outside. Or just compile screenshots from your favorite video games. Make your browser more personal.

Download My Chrome Theme

Read to get started? Download My Chrome Theme from the Chrome Web Store. Once you install it an icon will be added to your new tab page; click it to get started.

Other Themes

Not sure you could create your ideal theme? We’ve got some other ideas. Check out these 5 gorgeous themes for Chrome or the 10 coolest Google Chrome themes.


Customizing is always awesome. It’s why I was happy Google lets you add custom backgrounds to your Gmail account, and it’s why I’m happy to see such an easy-to-use way to make your own theme offered by Google itself.

What kind of theme did you make? Share you links in the comments below; if there are enough good ones I’ll write an article highlighting everyone’s creativity.

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