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travelThe northern hemisphere welcomes summer. I hope most of you are preparing for a vacation to escape your hectic lives and recharge for a couple of days.

Before you get all busy preparing, take a moment to recall what went wrong on your last vacation. Did you pack well?

Forgetting an important item at home is one of the most annoying things to happen when you leave for a vacation. And why do we forget to pack things? Because we don’t work with lists or we make a list in a hurry without external suggestions. I bet it has happened to you before — it has certainly happened to me.

packPackwhiz is a packing list generator. The best is, you can sign in using your Google account!

Once signed in, you can instantly generate your first free travel packing checklist. Give it a name and set the parameter that will define your list, i.e. is your destination domestic or international, what type of accommodation and transportation are you going to use, what will you be doing, and what type of weather is to be expected.

Click “Generate” to create a standard list or “Start from scratch” if you prefer to go from an empty list.



If you went with “Generate”, you will see a long list of items on the following page. They are sorted into various categories, such as Toiletries and Personal Care, Documents and Money, Gadgets, Food and Drink, Medicine and more. The more parameters you check, the more thorough the list will be.

Basically, that’s your list and it’s done, unless you edit it. So, you need to go through your list and check all the items that you DO NOT need, then delete them. Of course, you can entirely personalize your list i.e. remove, edit and add items.

To edit an item, simply click on it and a menu will open. You can change the item name, category or add a description.

packing list

Items can be added by clicking on the “new item” link at the bottom of each category. If you don’t like the way items are sorted, you can simply drag and drop them around.

Once you’re done, you can publish your list and share the URL or simply go back to your lists, create a new list or edit another one.


Personally, I think generating the list could be slightly more intuitive. I looked at the newly generated list and started checking all items I wanted to keep on my list. That was wrong, the list was already done. So I used the Feedback to give them my thoughts on how they could make removing a ton of items much easier. I found that the Feedback system is one of the best I have ever seen. Check it out, it’s super!


Packwhiz was launched earlier this year, so it’s brand new and there are a few things that need to be ironed out. But for now, it’s very uncomplicated to use and creates thorough, free travel packing checklists that are easy to edit and customize. Unfortunately, they didn’t yet integrate a print option.

For many more helpful tools and websites to improve your next vacation, check out the following posts. They include tips on planning your trip, locating ATMs or public toilets, tracking down metro connections, finding travel companions, surviving airports and flights, and tons more.

Is there anything you own multiple times because you forgot to pack it? Confess! You’re not alone. :)

Image credits: woodsy

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