Convert Email To A Text Document in 1 Click (Gmail)

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gmaillogointg   Convert Email To A Text Document in 1 Click (Gmail)How many times have you had an email conversation and then realized that you need to share the details of the conversation in a document ? Copy and pasting from an email to a word or text document is such a waste of time and it becomes an even bigger pain when the thread is several messages long. Gmail’s idea of a conversation partly solves the problem by at least letting the user view the whole conversation on one page. But the copy and pasting pain still remains.

Don’t worry though. Gmail now has you covered on that front also. The Gmail Labs team has just released a new widget for just this purpose. This handy widget lets you convert email conversations to text documents that can be downloaded and saved to your PC in different formats.

To enable this new functionality, login to Gmail and click on “settings”. Now go to the “Labs” sub-tab and scroll down till you see the “Create a Document” widget. Enable it and save the settings.

labs docs   Convert Email To A Text Document in 1 Click (Gmail)

Now, to make use of this great new function, open the email conversation that you’ve been dreading to make notes from. On the right hand side of the page, you should see a link titled “Create a Document” just above the sponsored links. Click on this link, a new window will open, Gmail will place the full text of the email conversation in a new Google Docs document and put you in charge.

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gmail link   Convert Email To A Text Document in 1 Click (Gmail)

One nice touch that the engineers at Google have put in is that the email signatures and quoted text is not a part of this conversion. So, that’s one less headache for you while cleaning up the document for sharing with your colleagues.

gmail docs   Convert Email To A Text Document in 1 Click (Gmail)

Once the document is in Google Docs, its just a matter of a couple of clicks and you can easily edit out whatever you want and then save or share the document with your peers for a review. Making a task list or a TODO from an email has never been this easy.

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I had not found this option in labs in Gmail settings ,may this feature has not been rolled into all Gmail users.



@Venkat: As far as I know google has rolled this feature to all users. Are you sure you looked through the complete labs widgets list. That list is quite large and its easy to overlook a setting, which I myself do a lot :-)

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