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crayHeadHaving a two year old is no small task. Your job as a parent, besides feeding, clothing, and teaching them, is to entertain them constantly. I am always looking for new material as things like Baby Smash Noggin + Babysmash = One Happy Baby! (Windows) Noggin + Babysmash = One Happy Baby! (Windows) Read More have become a little too young for my daughter.

Today we are going to be looking at the Crayola website and checking what they have to offer for free. To tell the truth, I came upon this website by following an ad on the back of my daughter’s happy meal. They had a free offer to let you upload your photographs to their website and create coloring pages out of them. I learned that this is a premium service and it costs money. But I also discovered lots of free content!

When we arrive at the site you will see a homepage that looks like this:

coloring pages to print

I started by looking at the coloring pages and saw that they have well over a thousand free coloring pages to print. They even have some Disney coloring pages! Check out the categories below.

coloring pages to print

They display the featured printable at the top center of the page. But by clicking on a specific category you can narrow down what you are looking for like so:

coloring pages to print

You can then select a sub-category and eventually an image like so:

disney coloring pages

Simply click the print button to print this on a full 8 1/2 x 11 page.

Then we will move on to Crayola’s crafts by clicking on the craft’s button on the homepage. That will take us to this screen:

disney coloring pages

There is a selection or search tool at the top of the page. This will let you narrow your search by activity, theme or product.Some Most of the items use Crayola products but you can try and substitute what you need for what you have. As an example I choose Passover from the list and returned this list:

disney coloring pages

Selecting the Passover Seder Plate took me to this page:


They show you how to explain what the significance is of the Seder plate and how to make it using Crayola Brand Model Magic – which can be substituted by another kind of modeling clay if you have it. They go on to show you how to make it with your child and how to be safe about it. So you not only get an arts & craft lesson you also get a history lesson. This is very cool. You can also just as easily find crafts for Easter.

And finally we will be looking at the Games and Fun section by clicking its link on the homepage.


We will see a greeting card maker, a certificate maker and a handful of games. Let’s take a look at them below.

The first thing I chose from here was the card creator. Then I selected Easter as the holiday I wanted to print a card for. Then I was brought to this page:


Then simply clicking on the link to print will allow you to print a foldable Easter card! Then I moved on to the printable certificates. These are things you can print out for your little one for a job well done.


You can customize them, use pre-filled in text and more. You can then print them in color or black & white.

Finally we will look at Crayola’s games. They have a bunch of them that vary in difficultness for young and younger children.


Go ahead and click on one and start playing! Enjoy and favorite this page for the next rainy day.

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