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Finding a place to crash when you are visiting a new city is an important and difficult decision. What you need is a tool that provides you with numerous options along with detailing each place. You need descriptions as well as pictures. All of this is exactly what a web service called “Crash My Pad” provides.

find places to stay

The places that appear in Crash My Pad’s search are ones put up by the site’s users themselves; so if you have a place that is available for others to crash at, you can put it up on the site. Searches for places can be made by typing in a city and then your dates for checking in and checking out. You can also specify how many people will be staying with you.

Results are shown with their rates displayed alongside a short description. You can click on a result to view its further details, pictures, and to contact the place’s host through the website.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you find places to crash while visiting a new city.
  • Lets you specify your duration of stay and number of people with you.
  • Lets you put up your own available places on the site.

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