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CrappyGraphs is an online quick graph sketching tool that provides you with an easy way to draw graphs online and then share them with others. You can either create simple line graphs or 2/3 circle Venn diagrams.

draw graphs online

You can optionally add text notes, select and drag particular items on the diagram around, draw straight lines and apply different brush colors. And when the graph/diagram is finally ready share it by forwarding the URL via email.


  • Quickly draw graphs online and share them with others.
  • Create as many graphs and diagrams as you like.
  • You can create simple line graphs and 2 or 3 circle Venn diagrams.
  • Add text, customize graph color, add additional lines etc.
  • Similar websites: HohliCharts, ChartAll, ChartGizmo, PieColor and Charts (for iPhone).

Check out CrappyGraphs @

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  1. Henk
    December 1, 2008 at 1:48 am

    A much better option for online graphs,