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CRADAR is one useful emergency app to have come out in the past few months. This free Android motion sensing applications that gets activated whenever you fall, waits for a predefined amount of time (30 – 120 seconds) and if you don’t move at least 8 feet within that time, sends an alert to one of your contacts telling them you may be hurt.

The text message your contact receives also contains your location pin pointed on Google Maps along with the GPS co-ordinates so it is easy for them to find you.  You can specify any of your contacts for this and change that at any time.

You can also change the text of the message you want to send out. Gone out bungee jumping? Turn CRADAR off with a single tap and turn it back on again once you are done.

motion sensing applications


  • Senses whenever you fall and send out alerts.
  • Your contact would know the exact GPS co-ordinates so they can find you.
  • Choose how long app should wait before sending out an alert.
  • Waiting time, contact and text message can be changed any time.

Download CRADAR from


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  1. Kevin
    July 29, 2010 at 6:51 pm

    Wow, that is actually amazing. Too bad I don't have an android phone. I'm currently very satisfied with my E71 (Nokia), and not planning to buy a new phone in the near future. If my cellphone ever breaks, I'll be sure to be an android one.