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With different processors on the market today it’s understandable to gloss over the processor model when you’re buying a computer. Still, it is an important thing to know about.

Enter CPU Benchmark. This site has indexed over 2oo,000 CPU’s and their benchmark statistics. This is a good thing for power-users shopping for a computer, because it gives you an objective measure of the performance of various CPU’s without you going through the trouble of running that many benchmarks yourself. Cut right through the marketing-speak and manipulated numbers right to the truth of a given CPU’s power.

check cpu performance

cpu benchmark scores

You’ll also find benchmarks for hard drives, video cards, complete systems and even some security information regarding the effectiveness of various anti-virus programs. Full PDF reports are available for most of this information, very useful if you intend to go shopping. There really is a tremendous amount of information here, so if you’re shopping for a new computer anytime soon be sure to check this site out before you do.


  • Check out CPU benchmark scores befor buying PC.
  • Benchmarks for CPUs, graphics cards, hard drives and complete systems.
  • Full PDF reports regarding the effectiveness of various anti-virus programs.
  • Perfect companion for anyone buying a PC.

Check out CPU Benchmarks @

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