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CoverItLive is a well-implemented, easy-to-use and feature-rich live blogging service that allows you to stream live commentary onto your web pages or blog so your readers can follow you in real time. In addition to commentary you can also post polls, youtube videos, images, get real-time reader feedback, accept questions from viewers, monitor poll votes, etc. Extremely useful for live coverage of events, conferences, interviews etc. By far the best live-publishing application so far. Free.

CoverItLive - Live Blogging

CoverItLive Features

  • Post real-time text commentary, add polls, instantly embed Youtube videos, images from Google, publish ads, etc.
  • Viewers can ask questions and vote on polls in real-time.
  • Once your live blog is complete, the embedded Viewer Window instantly converts itself into an Instant Replay. If some of the readers missed it live they can always read the live blog later (see below).
  • Readers are not required to download anything to watch your live blog.
  • For liveblog publishers: To be able to use CoveritLive you must have either IE (ver. 6 or higher) or Firefox (ver. 2 or higher) browser.

CoverItLive – MakeUseOf test

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