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No matter which comic book or magazine you are interested in, CoverBrowser has a collection of covers for every popular series that matters. It is a comics cover database where you can browse covers for over 450,000 comic books, magazines and other publications going back decades.

You can browse through the collection using the tag cloud or search for a publication. Each collection is sorted by publication number and/or year. A lot of covers also include the name of the artists as well as the link to the source of the image. An additional link allows you to buy the publication from eBay. You can also add any of the covers to your personal collection and access a lot of interactive features through CoverBrowser Labs.

comics cover database

comics cover database


  • Browse covers for over 450,000 publications.
  • Includes source details and publication number.
  • Download cover screensaver and play cover games.
  • Browse popular, best and worst covers.
  • View collages created from comic covers.
  • Embed cover gadget on your website.
  • Browse by artist or publication name.
  • Fully readable issues available for some magazines.

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