My Country – A Free Addictive Sim City-Like Game [Android]

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image92   My Country   A Free Addictive Sim City Like Game [Android]I have a serious thing for city-building games. Even though I almost never play on the PC, my addiction was rekindled when I read Matt’s recent post about modern Sim City alternatives. Where I do play, however, is on my Android device (these days it’s a Galaxy S2, which is a fantastic device for gaming). So I decided to take you on a little tour of a free and full-featured SimCity clone for Android called My Country.

While the game is free, it’s a rather large download, and takes up 27MB of space. Fortunately, almost all of that space is on the SD card – the game takes up only 840KB of “phone” memory. In case you’re not sure whether or not the review of the game is worth your time, I’ll have you know the game has a 4.5 star rating, with over 75,000 reviews on the Market at the time of this writing – one of the most impressive rating records I’ve seen in recent memory.

image93   My Country   A Free Addictive Sim City Like Game [Android]

Above is the first thing you see when starting the game. Lovely-looking Mary walks you through an interactive tutorial, to get you familiar with the game. The soundtrack isn’t exactly mind-blowing, but it’s not irritating, either (which is more than I can say about a few of the other Android games I tested recently).

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Okay, now it’s time to select a head office:

image94   My Country   A Free Addictive Sim City Like Game [Android]

I’ll be going with a Corporate HQ this time. Next, Mary has you build a taxi cab company:

image95   My Country   A Free Addictive Sim City Like Game [Android]

This is a bit odd. I find it difficult to understand why a taxi cab stand would be the very first thing I would build in a new city. Okay, let’s go with the flow and Get It Done (as the button says). Now that you’ve agreed to build the taxi stand (not that you had much choice), you get to pick where to put it:

image96   My Country   A Free Addictive Sim City Like Game [Android]

You can carefully think about your location and change it by dragging around the map. Only once you’ve hit the check mark do you commit to it. Also, note that unlike other city building simulations, as you drag the building, the road goes right along with it.

Of course, the building won’t show up all in one piece once you confirm it:

image97   My Country   A Free Addictive Sim City Like Game [Android]

To make the process faster, you can tap the clock icon above the building. But speeding up the process doesn’t come for free:

image98   My Country   A Free Addictive Sim City Like Game [Android]

The game goes into much more detail than I’m used to in other city-building games, in terms of hiring actual employees for the taxi stand, etc. I had to go through a whole song and dance to hire someone to man the station. Once that’s done, I could “launch a contract”, which means I let the station operate and thus make money:

image99   My Country   A Free Addictive Sim City Like Game [Android]

This is a large game, but the developer’s commitment to guiding the user through the first steps is very evident. The tutorial really takes you step by step and provides lots of positive feedback along the way:

image100   My Country   A Free Addictive Sim City Like Game [Android]

Besides starting contracts, you can also upgrade existing buildings and facilities so as to get higher profits from them in the future. Every building in the city is making you money. To see exactly how much a building is making you, tap it:

image101   My Country   A Free Addictive Sim City Like Game [Android]

$210 is very little money in the game, which is why upgrading your buildings is a good idea. Speaking of money, the game does a good job of converting your real, hard-earned cash into in-game money. In fact, there are two different currency types in the game. One is called “CountryBucks” (of which I have 23, above), and the other is called Game Dollars. Let’s look at the exchange rate for CountryBucks:

image102   My Country   A Free Addictive Sim City Like Game [Android]

So you can actually spend a whopping $100 of real US dollars just by tapping a button. Jus for the heck of it, I went ahead and tapped the button, to see how easy this might be:

image103   My Country   A Free Addictive Sim City Like Game [Android]

The answer is “extremely easy”. Do be careful when you let a child play this game – in-app purchases can add up to some (very) surprising totals by the end of the month.

Having said that, the game doesn’t feel pushy, and it is certainly possible to play without buying in-game currency for real money.

Final Thoughts

This was a very small taste of the game. It does try to market the in-game purchases a bit later by offering a 30% discount for the first 24 hours, but doesn’t feel spammy otherwise. All in all, this feels like a robust, capable city simulator. I can see why it got such rave reviews on the market.

Do you have a favorite city builder for Android? Do share in the comments, and I might review it or include it in a roundup!

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Great review MUO however as you venture further and further into the game, these country bucks are the only way to avoid countless hours of waiting. A great game indeed but a small tip too..
Build Business early in the game
Mini windmills are great for getting items for most low level employees
Don’t be afraid to destroy and rebuild for items, a bit expensive though.

Erez Zukerman

Wow, that’s a great tip, thanks!

Actually I thought the waiting part was okay… I mean, I’d do something, then forget about the game, then get a notification and go back to it.

I wasn’t sure if I liked those notifications, actually. I found it kind of creepy that a game pings me and calls me back even after I’ve left it. Do you find them annoying too, or did you like them?


thanks for the input!



Erez, this is a good game, however I find it much like playing McDonalds Monopoly, there are tons of two of the three employee requirements, but there is always one that seems very difficult to find.  I also play Paradise Island and Crime Story which are both by the same company as MyCountry.  all three games can be played without purchasing currency but they can become time consuming also, like you said very addictive.

Erez Zukerman

Paradise Island actually seems really similar — would you say it’s better?

(Also, I must admit I’ve never played McDonalds Monopoly :) )



The new version 09 or 09.01 keeps crashing or freezing my Moto Droid. Also, it is really hard to get the 3rd item even I followed with the instruction closely for many times. So, …., I dumped it.

Erez Zukerman

Oh man… : I’m sorry to hear that!

Leifswenson Ie

Crashed so much on me I uninstalled

Erez Zukerman

Did you replace it with some other city-building sim?



I am also using a samsung galaxy and this game keeps on greezing on me. any thouhts. its installed on my sim card and nothing else is running.


Are you using a Galaxy S or S II? Any task killers, etc?



Have you found out reason why it crashes Galaxy S? It’s great, addicting game but it drives me crazy because it crashes and forces phone to reboot several times per day. Running on Galaxy S w/ Gingerbread + launcerPro. No task killers etc.

Erez Zukerman

So weird. : I don’t know, because I don’t use a Galaxy S myself. I’m using the S II, with a Cyanogen-based ROM, and it worked fine there when I reviewed it… Not a single crash. Did you try contacting the dev?


Yeah, I have informed them already. Hoping to get bug fix soon..

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