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Blogs are a great way to publish content related to a specific theme or topic. Similarly, timeblogs are blogs that specifically focus on an upcoming event. Counto lets you create timeblogs with embedded countdown timers so you can interact with your users easily and share your excitement about the event.

You can completely customize the design of your timeblog, by setting the direction of your timer, changing fonts, alignments, adding background colors and images, adjusting the color, size and alignment of your timer, linking your timer to a website and even embedding a video within your timer.

make countdown timer


  • Make countdown timers and embed in your timeblogs.
  • Customize the design by changing fonts, size and alignment.
  • Add links, images and videos to your timer.
  • Users can copy the code and embed timers any where on the web.
  • Choose from a number of countdown templates and categories.
  • Browse and comment onĀ  timeblogs of other users.
  • Similar tools: CountDownTimer, EggWatchers, ClockEasy, AlarmTube, OnlineClock, Countdown2Zero and E.ggTimer.

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