Count Your Calories As Google Search Dips Into Nutritional Data For Over 1000 Food Items [Updates]

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Google’s recipe search is handy; but in our calorie counting times, you need accurate (and quick) nutritional information on the food you are gulping down. That’s why Google is serving us with nutrition info in the search. With a simple search you can find detailed nutrition information for over 1,000 fruits, vegetables, meats and meals displayed nicely on the right panel. More food items will be added soon. You can do a quick voice search on your smartphone too.

The quick answers to questions like – how many calories in green tea – could be useful for making even quicker decisions about what to eat. More importantly, it could help you check and avoid specific foods if you are a diabetic or even allergic to some ingredient.

The search update is part of Google’s Knowledge Graph. The smart technology uses semantic search (that understands concepts and context) to gather information from a wide variety of sources and present it in a panel on the right of the search results. Google says –

The graph helps us connect things that are related, even in cases when those foods have a completely different sounding name from what you asked. For example, when you ask for “summer squash carbs”, we include “zucchini” as a relevant food in the dropdown, because it is a type of summer squash.

If you are in the U.S., it is probably already available to you or will be over the next ten days. There’s no information so far on whether it will be available across all Google domains. Dip in and give us your opinion on it.

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Source: Inside Search

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Eian Ampoloquio

This is very useful for people who’s in dieting.. Me, not included.. ;)


David Moreira

I have used other programs but I’ll try this one. Thanks.


Aleksandra H

Also very usefull for this:

Saikat Basu

Thanks for the link. It is a really neat website and looks very useful.


Andrei Anikin

I don’ t care ’bout calories, I’m fat and I’m proud:-) kiddin’

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