Could This Be The Next Apple iPhone?

How realistic is this concept mockup of an edge-to-edge iPhone 6? If you look closely, you’ll find several elements currently present in iOS 7: the signal strength indicator, the font, the flat icons, even the App Store and Settings icons. And here’s the kicker, this mockup was published in March 2013, by JohnnyPlaid from CA, USA — several months before iOS 7 was even revealed to the public.

According to the designer, this iPhone 6 concept is exactly the same size as the iPhone 5, but the display has been increased from 640 x 1136 pixels to feature a 4.5-inch edge-to-edge 754 x 1296-pixel screen with a resolution of 333 dpi. Several standout features include an all new Aluminium-Carbon Fiber Unibody enclosure with NeverWet Water-Proof Coating, two Quad Core A7 processors, a 20.2 MP rear camera, 8MP Facetime camera, Lighting 2 connector, and a soft Home button with multi-touch gesture support. View JohnnyPlaid’s Behance profile for more concept images.

Could this be the next iPhone?

(update: looks like the designer frequently refreshes his designs. Still an interesting concept though.)

iphone 6 1   Could This Be The Next Apple iPhone?

iphone 6 2   Could This Be The Next Apple iPhone?

iphone 6 3   Could This Be The Next Apple iPhone?

iphone 6 4   Could This Be The Next Apple iPhone?

iphone 6 5   Could This Be The Next Apple iPhone?

iphone 6 7   Could This Be The Next Apple iPhone?

iphone 6 6   Could This Be The Next Apple iPhone?

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Howard B

Hrm….Jobs was famous for hating the hardware “Home” button; replacing it with capacitive touch strip would allow them to remove it…and they’ll finally catch up with Android phones that way.


Catch up? Catch up to the hardware home button on my S4?


It may be a hardware button, but the other buttons are capacitative, touch-sensitive buttons, something the latest iOS devices currently lack, and many Android devices are using for the bottom row (if they have any hardware buttons there at all).

A large majority of iPhone repairs are for broken mechanical buttons.


Zhong J

An interesting concept, but how would it matter to the consumer? If taking a product from its previous design and integrate it with improved hardware, lighter or faster enhancements, isn’t it better now to buy another phone that’s preferably better than iPhone? If newer iPhone kept coming, will we still be interested after the “8” or “9”? For all intended purposes, I don’t see the hype around the iPhone.

Chinmay S

Is there any phone in this world which is better than iPhone?


Well that depends on how you want to see it. If you are a neutral and true tech savvy person, then there are a lots of other phones better than an iPhone. If you are a hard-core apple fanboy, then iPhone is the greatest creation of man. If you are a fandroid, then iPhone is a pathetic piece of junk and sucks big time. Get the picture?

Chinmay S

“then there are a lots of other phones better than an iPhone.”
Can you mention any phone which is better than iPhone?


Nokia Lumia 920

Chinmay S

Nokia Lumia 920 better than iPhone! ROFL


Arthur McKenzie

The “new” iPhone 6… 40% Lighter, 60% Stronger, 0% Edge, 100% Expensive. (sounds like a detergent ad).


Chetan C

Looks Promising!



It just keeps getting longer!

Jackson Chung

Actually, it’s the same length :)


Frank P

this is just reminding me of android all from over….


Ugly American

I like the design but Gorilla Glass is brittle on the edge because of how the front surface is hardened by deforming ions.



No way this was published in March and not updated since. The Mavericks wallpaper is displayed on the Photos icon, for one.

Jackson Chung

Well, there are comments that go back to April 2013. So it’s pretty legit.

Jackson Chung

Ah looks like he updates it along the way.


Yeah, figured that was the case. Behance doesn’t seem to display an “Last Updated” date anywhere.


Max K

IDK, just because the presentation is good doesn’t make it any more convincing IMO.



i like so how many megapixel does it have



looks just like the blackberry

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