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You can find a lot of multi-user whiteboard collaboration tools online today but most of them offer the same functionality. These types of web apps allow you to easily share your ideas by using drawing tools. CoSketch is a similar tool but it has a couple of nice features that you cannot easily find anywhere else. This collaboration tool allows you to upload images for discussing particular details about the picture, or use Google Maps to give location directions.

collaborative online whiteboard

To use CoSketch, go to its homepage and start a new session. Then send the URL of the current CoSketch page to those people who you want to draw with. CoSketch comes with a built-in chat client so you can do discussions within the page while drawing, without having to use another chat application.

Another nifty feature of CoSketch is that you can easily save a sketch into an image file, complete with embedding codes for easier transfer to websites or forums.


  • Share your ideas using sketches with your friends online.
  • Save sketch as image for embedding in websites, forums, blogs, etc.
  • Works with most browsers without having to install plugins.
  • Free to use, no signup is required.
  • Upload an image to the sketchboard.
  • Use Google Maps as background to your sketches.
  • Chat with your friends while sketching.
  • Similar Tools: Twiddla, Squareleaf, Pindax, and Workhack.

Check out CoSketch @


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