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Web based application that wants to be a spam-free eMail alternative. Corvile provides you with a personal link that you can give out to others instead of email. Works really simple, just register and get yourself a Corlive ( link. Anyone who knows about it will be able to send you text messages.

From the page: “ is your alternative to obsolete e-mail. Only humans can send messages via your contact form at, and so you will probably never find SPAM in your Inbox. On the other hand, no legitimate e-mails sent to the account will ever be filtered out by any SPAM filters, because there are no SPAM filters – they are not necessary.”



  • Email alternative to receive, send and manage text messages.
  • Address book, message search, attachment support etc.
  • Add your Corlive link to you blog or webpage and let readers send you messages.
  • Corlive Desktop Notifier (for Windows)

Feel free to send me a text message via

Check out Corlive @

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