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When visitors spot a mistake on a website, it is often their wish to point out that mistake to the site owner. Unfortunately such a mechanism does not usually exist on the site. If you run your own website, then you can incorporate this feature into your site using an excellent service called CorrectLi.

website mistakes

CorrectLi is a web service meant for site owners. The service basically provides a feedback path between site visitors and the site owners. What makes the service different is that it focuses on the mistakes on the site. These mistakes could be of any nature – grammar, inaccurate facts, etc. You could enable the CorrectLi feature on your site after incorporating its code to encourage your visitors to point out flaws and shortcoming in your articles. The mistakes submitted can be seen on your CorrectLi dashboard by you.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets your site visitors point out mistakes to you.
  • Your mistakes are displayed on your CorrectLi dashboard.
  • The service can be incorporates easily through the inclusion of a code snippet.

Check out CorrectLi @ 


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