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Corkboard lets you easily save things you want to remember and organize them in one place online. It can be a recipe from some website, an upcoming event in your city, an upcoming movie, a phone number, a newly discovered food joint, a website, a new bestseller that you saw in the bookstore, basically anything that you might want to refer to some time later.

Works really easy, simply sign up and then start adding items to your account from the website, by sending an email or on the go using your mobile phone. For instance, if you are in the bookstore and want to add a book to your Corkboard account then all you need to do is to text its ISBN number to Corkboard.

things to remember

When you add something to Corkboard, it automatically scans sites like Amazon, Yahoo Upcoming and Yelp, and gets additional information on your saved items.

Another cool feature is that you can send a barcode number to Corkboard via SMS and shortly receive the corresponding product information. Similarly, if you send the phone number of a place you will get back its location.

Moreover, Corkboard can also send you reminders on the saved items and even deal alerts (when available) to your mobile phone or email.


Finally, you can also browse items and collections shared by other members, view what’s new and popular and get suggestions based on your location.


  • Save things you want to remember and organize them online in your account.
  • Automatically pulls relevant info on saved items from sites like Amazon, Yahoo Upcoming and Yelp.
  • Organize items into collections, share them online and browse collections of other users.
  • Sign up for mobile and email reminders and product alerts.
  • Share saved items on Twitter, Facebook or keep them private.

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