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Corkboard is a free to use website that provides you with a virtual corkboard where you can create and edit sticky notes as a group. You can add a ‘sticky’ note anyplace on the board by clicking on an empty space. The note can be resized using the small arrow in the bottom right corner of each note. You can drag the notes around for better arrangement.

edit sticky notes

Your notes are automatically saved. The unique URL in the address bar is the one you share with your friends. When they visit the URL, they are able to read your notes. The can also edit plus add notes in the same manner that you did. This entire process requires no registration and is amazingly simple and fast.


  • A user friendly website.
  • Lets you quickly create multiple notes on the same page.
  • Automatically saves the notes.
  • Makes the notes public and provides unique public to facilitate sharing.
  • Lets URL visitors read, edit, and add notes.
  • Helps group collaborations via notes.
  • Similar tools: Pindax and WallWisher.

Check out Corkboard @

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