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For many years Apple has been adding new features to iTunes, and while some are useful, many have simply made it bulky and slow. If you are someone who is using iTunes just to play and organize songs between your iPhone or iPod you will find 80% of it totally useless.

CopyTransManager is Windows only application (Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7) that provides a simplified alternative to manage and play songs, videos and playlists on your iPod and iPhone. It is fast, has user friendly design and takes only 3MB of hard drive space.

ipod touch without itunes

You can organize playlists, songs and videos, move them to and from iPod/iPhone using drag and drop interface. Create playlists, rename existing playlists, play songs directly from iPhone/iPod, edit tags and much more.

CopyTransManager: Manage iPod, iPhone & iPod Touch without iTunes copytransmanager11

Below is a full list of features:


Add music and videos to iPod

    – Add music, podcasts, audio books, videos, films and TV-shows to iPod or iPhone.
    – Drag & Drop songs directly from any folder to your iPod, iTouch and iPhone.
    – Add tracks from any PC to iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone.

Organize iPhone or iPod and manage playlists

    – Create iPod Touch playlists or edit existing ones.
    – Drag & Drop iPhone songs directly into iPhone playlists.
    – Import all album artwork automatically to your iPod or iPhone.
    – Edit track information (artist, album, ratings, genre, etc.).
    – Search iPhone tracks by album, artist or anyway you want.
    – Synchronize iPod instantly or manually.

Play iPod tracks directly on any PC

    – Listen to your iPod Touch music, audio books, podcasts.
    – Keep your iTunes alternative on your iPod.
    – Use your iPhone manager on every PC without installation.

Remove iPod tracks & playlists

    – Remove tracks from your iPod playlists.
    – Remove iPod Touch playlists.
    – Delete iPhone tracks definitively.

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