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While iTunes is probably the best desktop music player, it still is challenging to backup, transfer, and sync your files from one PC to another. iTunes restricts users to one configured account per computer and you either need to copy your files manually or use a third-party tool to  transfer them without hitches. One great app that just works is Copytrans TuneSwift. This new desktop app from Copytrans suite allows you to transfer your iTunes library to a new computer in one click – be it Mac or Windows.

restore itunes library

To start using Copytrans TuneSwift, you need to install the suite installer and choose to download TuneSwift. Once installed, there are three major things things you can do with your library – Transfer, Backup, and Restore. The Transfer tool lets you select your iTunes library and choose the OS where you want it transferred. If you select the Windows option, it will then ask you if you want to transfer your library on a new computer, on a different directory within your computer, or on an external hard drive. For Macs, Copytrans requires you to transfer your files to an external drive hard drive first.

The Backup feature is pretty straightforward. It archives all your iTunes media files in a single file, which you can then use to restore to other PCs or fix your broken iTunes library. We assume that you can also transfer your backups to other computers by way of external hard drives. Most importantly, you can export your iTunes library from your iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone and create your own backup which you can restore to other iTunes installation.

restore itunes library

We wish that iTunes would play nice and allow us to do these things without a third-party app. However, Copytrans TuneSwift does the job perfectly considering the free price tag (free until March 15, 2011)



  • Backup, transfer, and restore iTunes libraries in seconds.
  • Free until March 15, 2011.
  • Works with Windows, Mac. and iOS devices.
  • Archive all your media files into one file.
  • Restore archived files to fix your playlist.
  • Backup purchases.

Check out Copytrans TuneSwift @

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