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CopyrightSpot is a website that lets you search the web and find sites that are reusing your original content with or without your permission. Enter the address of the blog, webpage or even an RSS feed, click “Search” and wait for CopyrightSpot to crawl the web for duplicates.

Once it’s finished scanning the web it will present you with a list of the websites that have copied your content. You can further clock on the individual result to see the copied text. Quite handy.

duplicate content check


  • Type in the URL or blog feed and see if it was republished elsewhere.
  • Search as much as you like. No registration required.
  • Number of copied words is also shown.
  • Similar website: Copyscape

Visit CopyrightSpot @

  1. James S
    January 19, 2009 at 5:28 pm

    I personally use the website to find duplicated content. To me it has a number of benefits over copyscape and copyrightspot:

    1. it's automated and brings me results instead of me searching for duplicated content. All i had to do was submit my feed and it started monitoring my feed showing me who's republished my articles on the web.

    2. i get notified by email so it contacts me when it finds copies of my articles online.

    3. i use their image badge feature to alert me directly on my website when my content is being lifted.

    4. it's a free service as opposed the "per page" cost of copyscape/copysentry.

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