CopyPasteCharacter: Lists Common Cut And Paste Special Characters

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Sometimes you need to insert a special character (copyright mark ©, currency symbol €,¥ etc) in your email message or a blog post online. Most probably you copy/paste a required character either from a Word processor program or by searching for it online.

Now, if you ever need to quickly cut and paste special characters, simply visit It contains a list of common characters and symbols on one page, including arrows, math symbols and more. Click on a symbol to select and save it in your clipboard buffer and then paste it in your text.

cut and paste special characters

Click the tab “As HTML” on top of the page to view the corresponding HTML code of the selected symbol.


  • Cut and paste symbols & special characters.
  • Select and save a character in your clipboard buffer with one click.
  • View symbol or its corresponding HTML code.
  • Similar website: EntityCode.

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excellent website! thanks for sharing. wish they had common greek characters besides alpha and beta though. then it’ll be perfect!



They are also missing Slavic characters. But hey, they have a feedback form and would probably be happy to hear from us!

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