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CopyGator is an online service that can monitor your blog RSS feed and notify you if someone bluntly stealing blog content from you. The service will provide you with an overview page where you can see how, when, where your content is being used.

stealing blog content

Each found copy will have a clear side note (i.e. bears a slight resemblance, share many similar elements or is an exact copy) that tells you degree of resemblance to your post.

stealing blog posts

There are two ways you can use CopyGator.

    1 – Add your feed to the CopyGator and get an overview page for your blog. You can bookmark this page and check when you need to see if someone coping your content.
    2 – Add provided badge to your blog and CopyGator will watch your content. Clicking on this badge will take you to the overview page. The badge also changes its color from green to red when copy of your article is detected. See sample badge below:



  • Find out who is stealing blog posts from your site.
  • Get email and RSS alerts when CopyGator finds copies of your articles online.
  • Clearly indicated levels of resemblance for each found copy.
  • Embeddable Image badge that alerts you by changing a color.
  • Free and no registration.
  • Similar websites: Copyscape and CopyrightSpot.

Check out CopyGator @

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