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In this electronic age the length of individuals’ attention spans is in decline; as such, verbosity is frequently forgone in favor of simplestic language.

If you wanted to stop reading after that sentence you’ll understand why could be an important resource.This web app analyzes any URL and outputs a variety of information about how readable its content is. Taken into account are things including word length, the number of syllables used per word and the numbers of words per sentence.

website readability

The site will also access your website using a number of different technical readability scores: the Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease, the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level, the Gunning-Fog Score, the Coleman-Liau Index, the SMOG Index, and the Automated Readability Index. These scores are all combined to give you an average reading level based on the grades in the United States school system.

MakeUseOf’s home page, in case you were wondering, is 9.52.You’ll see how your site compares to a few others, including the New York Times (8.74) and the BBC (13). You’ll also find out which words are most used on your site.

Using this information you can access whether the readability of your site matches that of the audience you’re trying to reach.


And a cool trick: you can quickly use this site to analyze any page by simply adding the “” to the front of the URL in your address bar.


  • Analyze website readability online.
  • Gives information regarding word length, number of syllables used per word and the average number of words in a sentence.
  • Utilizes a number of standard readability indexes to determine the readability of your site.
  • Points out the most-used words.

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