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Website developers want their webpages to be quickly editable whenever they want. The same flexibility and convenience should be extended to the design partners who have the privilege to modify page elements on the website. A tool that helps you and your design partners easily do this is a tool called Copybar.

Copybar is an excellent web tool that lets you easily edit webpage elements. The service has you add a few lines of code to your website through which you can select which webpage elements you want to be quickly and easily editable. You can click on these elements and quickly modify the font and make other edits. You can select others who can make these changes to your website. The changes are made on the fly and visitors get to see the new changes immediately. The free account of Copybar supports up to 5 elements and 5 collaborators. The Pro account costs $4.95 per month and removes these limits.


  • A user-friendly web service
  • Makes your page elements quickly editable
  • Supports collaborators
  • Changes are made in real time
  • Free account supports 5 elements and 5 collaborators

Check out Copybar @ 

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