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The title might have some of you a bit confused. I mean, can’t we already copy paste the URL of a webpage? It’s just Ctrl+C on the address bar and then Ctrl+V wherever we want to paste, right? Well, Copy Fixer saves you the trouble of clicking on the address bar, and also copies the title of the page. When you’ve got this add-on installed in Firefox, and you are on a webpage, you can just click Ctrl+C without selecting anything. When you do Ctrl+V on, lets say, a notepad, you’ll find that the title and link of the page gets copied.

copy paste web page

The good thing about this tool is that it doesn’t interfere with the regular copy pasting which you do when you select a text. It just does its job when you haven’t selected anything on a webpage. Simple and easy.


  • Firefox extension that copies the title and URL of a webpage on Ctrl+C.
  • No need to select anything on a webpage to use this add-on.

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