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Cooliris is a handy browser add-on that enables its users to preview webpage links, images or videos without leaving the current webpage. Whether you’re searching through Google results, browsing Youtube videos, going over Flickr photos or shopping on eBay, Cooliris can add some speed and beauty to it. Cooliris offers two different tools: Cooliris Preview and Piclens.

    LifeHacker: “Cooliris changes the way you interact with the Web, and for the better.”
Cooliris - Preview Links, Images and Videos

Cooliris Preview features

  • Preview links, images or videos without clicking or leaving the page.
  • Preview search results on major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) and websites (ex. eBay)
  • Instantly share or email favorite pages to friends.
  • Option to Bookmark pages temporally.
  • Cooliris addon does not contain any adware or spyware.
  • Supported Browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Flock.

Piclens features

  • Browse webpage photos in full-screen and slideshow-style.
  • Browse images search results as a slideshow (Google, Yahoo).
  • Currently supported websites: Flickr, Facebook, Google Images, Yahoo Images, Friendster, and Picasa Web Albums.
  • Integrate Piclens functionality to your website.
  • Supported Browsers: Firefox and Safari (more to come).

Coolris Preview video demo

Piclens video demo


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