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Earth – An Animated Map – at any one time, wind currents are flowing around the world, at different temperatures and speeds. This will show where the wind will end up next. An Animated Map enables you to spin the globe with your mouse and see where the wind currents are, and which ones are the strongest. – is a font lover’s dream. As well as libraries containing details of tens of thousands of fonts, the site also helps designers who are unsure of which fonts go together. So if you choose a font on the site, you will be given recommendations on more fonts to go along with it. You will also be given links to the sites that host and sell those particular fonts.

My image – everybody loves a good quote, especially if they are funny or inspirational. is a site where you can log in with your Facebook account and then collect quotes. You can create your own quotes, and people can follow you to see what you’re coming up with. If they like one of your quotes, they can “requote” it.

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Fatherly – it’s becoming more common these days for men to raise their children, while the woman goes out to work. But does the man fully understand everything there is to know about being a father? If not, Fatherly aims to be one of the resources you should turn to, with informative articles being emailed to you, based on the child’s age.

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DietBet – Have fun losing weight. DietBet is a social dieting game that lets you put your money where your mouth is. It’s a motivation booster that apparently really works. The rules are simple – whoever loses 4% of their starting weight in 4 weeks splits the pot. DietBet verifies the weight loss with photos and algorithmic auditing. Losing weight is now a fun sport.

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  1. likefunbutnot
    August 19, 2014 at 12:05 am

    Losing ~1.5 to ~2lbs. a week for a month can either require a tremendous amount of work or it can be gamed very easily. Losing 6 - 8lbs. of fat? Huge pain. Losing 6 - 8lbs. of WATER? Super simple.

    Drink a couple liters of water in the late afternoon just before your first weigh in, then avoid the Frappucinos the rest of the month. Use a diuretic and avoid liquids before your last weigh in.

    As somebody who really has done a lot of hard work to get my weight down, I also know that I vary as much as 10lbs. over the course of a normal day. Knowing that, Dietbet seems like it sends the wrong messages about how one should go about weight loss.

  2. Saikat B
    August 18, 2014 at 3:34 pm

    Mixing and matching fonts seems to be a trend in Web Design now. I notice it especially in bold headlines. Font pairing is an art and is really useful there.

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