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Google Video Quality Report – gives you video streaming quality results for the United States. There are many factors that influence your video streaming quality, including your choice of Internet Service Provider (ISP). Learn how your ISP performs and understand your options. Users on SD networks should expect smooth playback on non-HD YouTube videos.

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Feex – will show you the percentage of your retirement savings that could be consumed by fees. It is a community on a mission to rescue your retirements from the tyranny of excessive fees. If there’s a portfolio in their community with lower fees that has a similar or better risk-reward profile, they will show it to you.

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Roomer – is the place where people book hotel rooms from other people who had to cancel their trips. All you have to do is submit a few details about your reservation. Roomer takes care of everything else, including adding images and information about your hotel. When someone books your room, their system contacts the hotel or booking agency in order to transfer the name on the reservation.

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SlideRule – Education is changing, with great educators from around the world increasingly putting their amazing courses online. SlideRule believes that we all are in the early days of a revolution that will not only increase access to great education, but also transform the way people learn. SlideRule will help you discover the world’s best online courses in every subject.

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What3Words – is a giant grid of the world made up of 57 trillion squares of 3 metres x 3 metres. Each square has been given a 3 word address comprised of 3 words from the dictionary. Each square’s address contains totally different words to its nearby squares. You can purchase an additional, personalised address for any 3m x 3m square: it’s called a OneWord.

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  1. Ronik S
    June 4, 2014 at 11:21 am

    hey you can check out INTERNET stats in real time

  2. Sveta L
    June 4, 2014 at 10:22 am

    Love this article...Thanks for the info :)

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