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uListen – With uListen you can finally start “listening” to YouTube videos on your Android device. uListen is an unofficial YouTube player that lets you stream audio out of YouTube videos allowing you to save precious bandwidth and reach faster buffering times. Features include searching YouTube videos and public playlists, streaming and playing tracks in the background, and more.

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QR Code Image Generator – create a QR Code of the selected text or current URL. Customize an image with different colors and sizes. Plus there is a new shortcut with CTRL-SHIFT-Q to quickly see the QR Code for the current URL. It is also possible to create a QR Code from free text within Firefox.

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Eidetic – uses a technique called spaced repetition to help you memorise anything from important phone numbers to interesting words or facts. It works differently from typical brain training apps by using items that have meaning and context. It’s perfect for students looking to remember those key facts or anyone who wants to remember anything.

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Command-C – lets you share clipboard wirelessly in the background without having to double tap the home button and move between apps. Just use the system-wide copy & paste and you’re done. Command-C will help you to get things done better and faster. Easily share text (plain or formatted), URLs and images (JPEG, JPEG200, PNG, TIFF) between your iOS devices and your Mac.

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CM (Cleanmaster) Security FREE – Blazing fast, lightweight and ultra-secure, CM (Cleanmaster) Security is a FREE mobile security app developed by Clean Master (over 100,000,000 downloads worldwide and 4.7 top ratings on Google Play). Scan new apps, updates, file systems and websites to ensure your device’s safety in real time. Scanning takes only 5 seconds.

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  1. Ben
    September 10, 2016 at 10:10 am

    Where are the real Good old fashioned women that we once had?

  2. Shubam G
    January 15, 2014 at 6:52 am

    Awesome apps..
    U guyzz helps a lot ...thnks

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