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Inapp Translator – Sometimes you want to read an email, a text or an article in a foreign language and you immediately need a translator. With Inapp Translator, you can easily translate the whole text or part of it into your preferred language without closing the active application; you can see the translated result at the same place, on your screen.

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Marco Polo – If you’ve ever lost or misplaced your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch somewhere nearby but can’t quite remember where, stop flipping pillows and frantically patting your pockets. The Marco Polo app will help you quickly find your device in just one shout. Just shout out loud “MARCO!” and your hidden device will ring back POLO! so that you can find it.

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Bamin – Currently in invite-only beta, BAMIN (Build And Make It Now) lets you easily build your own unisex fashion bags using a curated selection of classic and fashion-forward shapes, colors and materials, from neon-yellow neomesh carry-alls to high-end leather briefcases. The local, on-demand manufacturing system means they can produce and deliver products in 6-8 weeks.

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G.lux – is an unofficial variation of F.lux, a desktop app that automatically changes the colour temperature of your monitor as the sun goes down. This is an alternative for users who are unable to install, or do not want to install F.lux, such as Chrome OS users, or users who do not have administrative rights on the computer.

Rimhill – This program sets the maximum CD-ROM speed to the specified level in your drive. This will prevent the annoying sound if a CD-ROM is in your drive and also speeds up access time if the drive is rarely used since the drive must only spin up to 8x instead of 48x. The program creates an icon in the taskbar near the clock were you can select the maximum speed of your drive.

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  1. Srivatsan V
    May 29, 2014 at 1:25 pm

    "... near the clock were you can select ..."
    Might wanna fix that "were" to where.

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