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WudaTime – is a free web based project management tool which allows you to easily keep track of your dedication. It is a simple time management application perfect for SME and start-ups. Plus, you can do project management while enjoying WudaTime’s neat design. The progress bars give visual information on project and task status. Use the to-do lists to keep track of your progress.

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How Much House Can You Buy In 385 U.S Cities – Are home prices cheap in your city right now? It’s common to answer this question by talking about how prices today compare with prices last year, or to look at how prices in your city compare with prices in other cities. This app by NPR will show you the home-price-to-income ratio if you enter in the name of your desired U.S metro area.

My image – shows you a set of icons for every site you visit and search result you see. At a glance, you’ll understand the most important terms from a website’s privacy policy and other information about how your data is collected, used and handled. These icons evolved from a Mozilla-led working group that included some of the most prominent privacy organizations.

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Overswipe – is the first photo app that prevents over-sharing. No longer worry about friends swiping into other photos on your phone. Overswipe will only share the photos you want someone to see. Photo albums are a hassle to make on the go. Overswipe makes it easy by temporarily isolating photos you want with just a touch. Overswipe allows you to turn on a passcode to restrict viewers from going back to your thumbnails.

Boomf – is a site that enables you to put your Instagram photos on marshmallows. Costing $26 for a box of 9, this British service transforms your photos into multi-sensory delicacies. How about some selfie marshmallows for your partner? Or perhaps some of your ex to roast over a fire? The possibilities are endless. What would YOU put on your marshmallows?

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