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Photon Facebook Photo Editor – Edit photos (Instagram-style) or just download from anywhere on Facebook with one click. Add new “Edit” and “Download” buttons to all photos on Facebook. Add filters and effects, or use more advanced editing functions with your new edit button.

Photojoiner – is, as the name suggests, a site which will join two photos together if you need to. Just upload the images to the site, then decide if you want to shrink to the smallest image, or increase to the highest image. Decide on a border, then download the result.

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LikeAStore – has been described on its site as “social bookmarking for geeks”. It claims to be the best way to save useful resources like GitHub repositories, code libraries, fonts, Dribbble shots or StackOverflow questions. Organize your favorites and find the things you need with full-text search.

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CrowdTiltOpen – enables you to launch your own advanced crowdfunding page. Customize the look and feel of your crowdfunding page, and use your own domain. Simple pricing — only pay standard credit card processing fees on successful campaigns. Advanced analytics, order management tools, and more.

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Global Forest Watch – tells you what is happening in forests right now. Perform forest cover change analyses on the fly and get answers in real time. Subscribe to receive automated alerts on forest cover change in your area of interest. Subscribe to the Global Forest Watch discussion forum to learn more about data.

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