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Steady Camera – Record action videos, with cinematic stabilization and slo-mo. Shoot while walking, running – and get cinema quality, smooth footage. Record and share slo-mo clips, set when slo-mo starts and ends. Export square videos for Instagram, Vine or Replay. Preview stabilized videos instantly, and save to the Camera Roll.

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Notes for Gmail – is a seamless way for taking Notes in Gmail. Annotate emails, add beautiful looking sticky notes to your inbox, and set reminders. Notes for Gmail is a web browser extension that offers a seamless way to add notes to your emails. Annotate your Gmail emails and never forget about important things again.

Morphi – is an intuitive mobile 3D modeling + design platform for touchscreens. There are many potential uses for Morphi – prototyping, visualization, making functional products and wearables, creating decorative items, rendering quick architectural models, building 3D models to teach STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art + Math), literacy and much more.

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Unlock Your Brain – Imagine brain training came to you as naturally as breathing, walking and talking. Imagine you could learn four new words in a foreign language a day – by integrating it into your everyday life. Imagine you could improve your logical thinking and math skills with no effort. Imagine you could train your brain everywhere. That’s UnlockYourBrain.

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Vellum – is a simple reading list for the links your friends are currently sharing in your Twitter feed. Vellum puts a spotlight on content, making it easy to find what you should read next. Links are ranked by how often they have been shared by those you follow on Twitter, so you can stay up to date with the news that the people you care about are discussing.

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