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Routeshare – is the easiest way to safely share your location in real time. Recipients receive a link to view your ETA (estimated time of arrival) and location. Routeshare automatically stops updating your location when you’ve arrived. Recipients don’t need to download Routeshare. The advantages of Routeshare include real time location sharing, and sharing over Whatsapp, iMessage, etc.

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MakeSpace – Schedule a pickup online or by phone and they’ll bring high quality bins right to your door. Pack your bins, gather your oversized items and they’ll pick it all up. They’ll take your stuff to their secure storage facility, and create a visual catalog of what you stored so you can order it back with just a few clicks.

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Picturelife – stores all your photos and videos securely in the cloud, giving you access to them wherever you are. Once installed, Picturelife sorts through all your photos and videos then uploads them in the background. It searches your computer for photos and videos, then uploads them in the background. And Picturelife will watch your mobile devices for photos and videos and upload them.

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Aceable – Move your world forward and learn Driver Ed on the go. Aceable is the only iOS Texas-certified mobile app that teaches you how to drive. Try out the first two chapters for FREE rather than signing up for an old school web-based or classroom course. Easy & interactive content, bite-sized content at your fingertips, quizzes and assessments test your progress.

My image – create a Stashbox for an art project, your imaginary closet, or a new book you’re writing. Create a Stashbox filled with woods for camping, mountains for hiking, and beaches for lounging. Save important pictures, conversations, quotes, links, and messages – invite your significant other(s) and Stash together.

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  1. dragonmouth
    May 15, 2014 at 12:04 pm

    Routeshare - might as well get an RFID implanted. Make it easy for EVERYBODY/ANYBODY to track you 24/7/365. And then people have the gall to complain that there is no privacy on the 'Net!!!

    Why should government agencies and other sketchy characters work hard at tracking people, when the idiots are going volunteer the information???!!!!!

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