Cool Websites and Tools [September 15th 2011]

muo   Cool Websites and Tools [September 15th 2011]Check out some of the latest MakeUseOf discoveries. Most of the listed websites are FREE or come with a decent free account option. If you want to have similar cool website round-ups delivered to your daily email, subscribe here.

   Cool Websites and Tools [September 15th 2011]


Do It Tomorrow – We all procrastinate. But putting off today’s tasks to be done tomorrow carries the risk of you forgetting about them. Here to help you easily schedule tasks for tomorrow without forgetting about them is a tool called “Do It Tomorrow”, a smartphone application for Android devices. Through a simple interface, the site lets you quickly add new tasks to your lists. Read more: Do It Tomorrow: Easily Push Tasks Off To Tomorrow [Android]

   Cool Websites and Tools [September 15th 2011]


iStarin – The Internet has numerous web services to offer that let you have fun with your photos. Adding to this list of fun tools is iStarin, a website that lets you replace the faces of celebrities in movie posters. These posters are of popular movies with the main celebrity’s face cut out. Read more: iStarin: Create Your Own Hollywood Movie Posters


   Cool Websites and Tools [September 15th 2011]


Spreaker – This is a web service that lets you broadcast your radio shows online. While regular podcast services simply offer straightforward audio streaming features, Spreaker supports live broadcasting as well as multiple channel recording with controllable volumes to better emulate the radio experience. In addition to your own voice you can create a playlist of songs and sound effects to be played. Read more: Spreaker: Broadcast Your Own Online Radio Show


   Cool Websites and Tools [September 15th 2011]


Online Cursor Editor – If you are obsessive about how your desktop looks, right down to the cursor, then you should check this one out. The Online Cursor Editor is an online app that can generate and edit cursors that you can then use in your desktop. Read more: Online Cursor Editor: Create Your Own Cursor Online


   Cool Websites and Tools [September 15th 2011]


Rentchimp – When you want to rent an apartment, especially in the US, Craigslist is usually the number one destination for most people. It is the biggest classifieds website by a wide margin and has the most rental listings available online. As big as it is, Craigslist has an overly simplistic navigation. RentChimp aims to solve this problem. Read more: Rentchimp: Bookmark & Compare Rent Listings On Craigslist


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