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Ballloon – helps you collect images, PDF’s or links directly to your Dropbox and Google Drive without downloading steps. Uploading images to the cloud can be extremely fast and simple, ONE left click is all that’s needed. You can also right click a link to save web files, and you can read the transfer tasks on the Departures board.

Tabulous – is meant to be a plugin that will save you days and days of remembering what information you read where. It comprises of several tabs and buttons, which are easy to use. The top bar features a search function on the left, and a menu on the right. The right menu bar comprises of a grid, a calendar, a recycle bin, and tools.

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Leetchi – is an ideal solution for collecting and managing money for groups. It’s perfect for any occasion from birthdays to leaving gifts and holidays. Create your money pot for free in just a couple of clicks on Leetchi. Ask your friends to chip in and collect contributions. When the money pot is full, spend it on a partner site, transfer the money to a bank account or give it directly to the lucky recipient.

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Lost Photos – Find photos buried deep in your email. Lost Photos is a must-have for everyone who has ever sent or received an image via email, and don’t want these images to be lost. Lost Photos is the first Mac OSX app that securely scans your email account for every photo you’ve ever sent or received. All photos are downloaded to your computer, making it ultra easy to view them.

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Eaze – is determined to make your favourite digital wallet wearable and make payments actually fun and pleasurable. With Nod To Pay they make payments available on Google Glass, and currently support the wallets of and Coinbase. Paying with “Nod To Pay” is truly frictionless. You can use your favourite wallet already at thousands of bitcoin enabled businesses around the world.

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  1. Julia
    November 6, 2014 at 6:24 am

    I also use ballloon, it is a good tool, sent directly to the box, dropbox and google, it helped me a lot. See:

  2. Norman Su
    June 25, 2014 at 3:36 am

    Hello everyone, this is Norman Su from Ballloon! Thank you for your sharing, I just love it! If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please contact us by mailing to press(at), or you can write feedback directly in the extension!

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