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Metta – Use Metta for learning stories, documentaries, summaries and compilations. Or for your research & curation work. Create quick movies out of videos, pictures, text & sounds that are already on the web or just upload your own material. Insert polls & quizzes into your stories, lessons or slides and get controlled feedback from your viewers. Get actionable insights and track who, when and where answered your questions.

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Backtick – is a console for bookmarklets and scripts, packaged as a Chrome extension. For a better explanation, just click the “Try it out” button, or press the backtick (`) key on your keyboard. The extension comes with a set of predefined commands, but you can easily create your own to use yourself or share with others.

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Hitlist – Build a list of places you’d like to see and it will let you know the best time to go. See where your friends live and have been. Contact them to get the best recommendations or see if they’re up for dinner when you’re in town. Hitlist will send you the best deals, tailor-made just for you and your interests. Who has the time to set up hundreds of price alerts? They will do the heavy lifting.

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CottonTracks – is an automated and curated record of the best content you experience on your web browser. It replaces your history and bookmarks while maintaining a stunning summary of your insights and influences. Navigate as usual and it will take care of organizing your favorite content seamlessly. The algorithms create collections of interesting articles, videos, images and maps based on how deeply you investigate a particular subject.

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Steam Reviews – Now it’s easy to see what other Steam users think about a product before you buy. With Steam Reviews, you can browse for reviews that others have found helpful, or write your own reviews for titles you’ve played on Steam. See the most helpful reviews written by users that have played the game or used the software you are considering purchasing.

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  1. Radu B
    December 2, 2013 at 5:49 pm

    Cotton Tracks is quite interesting

  2. Jurmy C
    December 2, 2013 at 9:47 am

    Cool tips. Thanks.

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