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RecordIt – Screencasting software has its many uses, such as making screencasts to highlight a particular issue or to teach someone how to do something. But which screencasting software to use? One possible option is RecordIt which has both a free and a paid option. The paid option for $29 offers a faster frame rate, and password protection on the recordings.

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Cost of Living – The cost of living can vary wildly depending on where you go on the map. If you are planning a move, it helps to know if you will be hit in the wallet or helped. Using this map, select 2 US geographical locations and you will instantly see the financial differences, the richest and the poorest area.

Audentifi – Shazam is an app which helps you to identify the name of a song and who sings it. Audentifi has been described as “Shazam for YouTube”. If you are listening to music on YouTube and it is not obvious who is singing it, enter the YouTube URL into Audentifi and it will analyze the video and identify the song(s) for you.

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Web Buttons Generator – if you are a web designer or if you run an email newsletter, then you will have a near continual need for fresh web buttons. You could code them individually but that would take too long. However, a generator tool like this one which makes them automatically in seconds and is effort-free would be a better solution.

Wix – is the easiest way to send beautiful newsletters, emails, updates & more. Customize ready-made styles to make it yours. Add your pics, videos, text, buttons & links. Email your Wix contacts or instantly import from Gmail. Wix ShoutOut is apparently the easiest way to send a newsletter.

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