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Guest Locker Smart Security – keep your personal and confidential information secure with this new, easy-to-use security application. It is a launcher application that protects your information and keeps it safely locked away when you share your device with colleagues for business, friends when they need to borrow your phone.

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Draft Control – Save every version, track every change, and unleash your writing productivity. Draft Control works alongside your word processor and automatically tracks changes over time. Every change is searchable, archived, and easy to restore. To start, simply drag a document into Draft Control. Draft Control will do the rest.

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Juicing Assistant – is an interesting site where you can combine different fruits into a blender and it will make a juice for you. Before you start, you are given the nutritional value of each fruit, and when the juice has been made, it will give you the nutritional numbers, as well as show you other juice recipes you may like.

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Dashnotes – effortlessly take quick notes on a new tab. DashNotes introduces the ability to right-click on videos on the web and pin them to your DashNotes. It even allows you to watch your videos on your new tab page. It’s perfect for school, research, and casual browsing. No cloud storage. Only on your computer.

Checkmarx – is a site which checks the source code of a website and identifies security vulnerabilities (if you have any). To do this, Checkmarx has developed a tool to check and identify static code breaches. Use Checkmarx to identify security breaches within your code and fix/seal them before hackers exploit them.

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  1. Saikat B
    September 19, 2014 at 10:13 am

    I tried Dashnotes for a while. It's nice for quick collation, especially if you are researching something. A feature to add your own notes would round it off well.

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