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Privacy Badger – is a browser add-on, made by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, that stops advertisers and other third-party trackers from secretly tracking where you go and what pages you look at on the web. If an advertiser seems to be tracking you across multiple websites without your permission, Privacy Badger automatically blocks that advertiser from loading any more content in your browser.

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Ooberdocs – links your email to Dropbox allowing a copy of incoming email attachments to be sent seamlessly into your Dropbox account. Just allow Dropbox access to your inbox, and from now on, when email attachments are sent to you, a copy will be sent to your Dropbox account. You will also receive an alert on your smartphone telling you it is there.

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Your First Customers – Building a startup is really hard, and most startups ultimately die because they never got enough customers that created enough revenue. “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Finding Your First Customers” interviews experienced, successful tech entrepreneurs about how they found their first customers and made their first money.

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Equipboard – is the ultimate gear site for music fans. From world famous DJs to guitar gods and everything in between, Equipboard is your guide to the latest and greatest gear used by the best artists in the world. Follow the pros to stay up to date with their gear, browse through the latest products, and save the ones you use and love to your own Equipment Board.

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Clipular – is a camera & collection tool for the web. Think screen capture mixed with bookmarking. It lets you share and group any screenshots in Google Chrome. If you stumble upon something on the web, such as a Facebook comment, a Tweet, a YouTube video, just clip them to your clipboard in Clipular. It now supports Google Drive. You can auto-save screen clips into Google Drive once it is set up.

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  1. Buffet
    May 8, 2014 at 3:08 pm

    Privacy Badger won't work with MSN, so it's less than worthless!

  2. dragonmouth
    May 8, 2014 at 1:21 pm

    Privacy Badger looks like a very useful application. Maybe, if used instead of AdBlocker, it will stop Bruce from whining about not making enough money from ads.

  3. Saikat B
    May 8, 2014 at 11:07 am

    "The Entrepreneur's Guide to Finding Your First Customers" -- nice find. Read a bit about the process, and not so surprisingly, getting those first customers is a sheer manual process. No magic involved!

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