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Greenhouse – is a free browser extension for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox that exposes the role money plays in the US Congress. Displays on any webpage, detailed campaign contribution data for every Senator and Representative, including the total amount received and breakdown by industry and by size of donation. Using this, you can discover the real impact of money on the political system.

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Focus – do you hate it when you friends swipe left-right when you show them a photo? Focus is an Android gallery add-on that allows you select one or more photos from your favourite photo viewer and limit your friends to just viewing those photos. Your friend can now swipe left or right and can see only the pictures that you have selected. If your friend taps on the Back button, they are presented with a password box.

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WikiWand – Wikipedia is the greatest curator of human knowledge, allowing people all around the world to freely access over 30 million articles. The only problem? Wikipedia was built 13 years ago – and hasn’t changed much since then. WikiWand is a modern interface that optimizes Wikipedia’s amazing content for a quicker and significantly improved reading experience.

WhoHasAccess – find out who can access your Google Drive. Analyze your Google Drive share options for all your files and folders. Discover who can access what in your shared folders. Remove the people that shouldn’t have access and feel more secure. The site needs temporary access to your Drive account, and you are notified by email when the report is ready.

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Soundrop – What’s better than listening to great music? Enjoying great music with people who love it too. Add and vote for songs, and the song with the most votes gets played for everyone. Soundrop is available on iOS, Android,, and Spotify.

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