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5 Every Day – Looking for a pet-friendly hotel? How about an awesome dog park, trail or beach? is a pet travel website and a resource for dog owners looking for the lowdown on the best hotels, attractions, and restaurants that welcome pets. Their new app makes booking a pet-friendly hotel easier than ever.

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Hopper Flight Explorer – there’s now a way to discover flight deals that’s as flexible as your travel schedule and preferences. Hopper compares billions of flight options every day to find you the best deals and the best times to fly and buy. Flexible dates and destinations. Compare multiple dates and destinations in a single search to find the best flight deals.

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Clarisketch – Mailing, calling and screen-capping are a time-consuming and often ineffective means of communicating complex processes and procedures. With Clarisketch, you can save time and improve the quality of your message using a combination of photographs and annotated commentary. There are a million and one uses for Clarisketch.

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Instalink – Creates an online link for text selections and clipboard content instantly
This extension brings you a way to share contents with a single click. It generates a link for sharing the contents of your clipboard or your selected text, and provides several formatting options along with it.

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Hidden From Google – lists all links which are being censored by search engines due to the recent ruling of “Right to be forgotten” in the EU. This list is a way of archiving actions of censorship on the Internet. The site does not take a side for or against the EU ruling. Instead, it is up to the reader to decide whether our liberties are being upheld or violated by the recent rulings by the EU.

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  1. George
    July 25, 2014 at 11:47 am

    Hello, great list there. Always thought Google could always find out whatever one wanted. The amazing discovery for me is Instalink and hidden from google. Checkout my music and entertainment website and tell me what you think

  2. Ankit Mittal
    July 25, 2014 at 8:51 am

    Great tool suggested Clariskecth is the best too ever i recommend it

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