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Scribbleton – is your own personal wiki, where you can store everything from quick notes, to detailed checklists for work, to the outline for that next bestseller novel. With Scribbleton, you can easily create clickable links between words, phrases, and pages, allowing you to quickly locate cross-reference information. Your Scribbleton wiki files live on your local machine. Nothing is sent to any outside servers.

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Pomodoro One – is an iOS app for increasing productivity using the Pomodoro technique. As you may or may not know, the Pomodoro Technique is a time management method which uses a timer to break down work into intervals traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. The method is based on the idea that frequent breaks can improve mental agility.

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Audio Extractor – is a handy software for audio extracting. It can help you to extract sound streams from your favorite videos and save them as OGG, MP3, Wave or FLAC files. The interface is very simple. To extract audio tracks from video files, just open video from your computer, select proper output format, and click the “Extract audio” button.

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GlassWire – displays your network activity on an easy to understand graph while searching for unusual Internet behavior that could indicate malware or violations of your privacy. Once unusual network activity is discovered you’re instantly alerted with detailed information so you can protect your computer, privacy, and data. GlassWire teams up with your antivirus and never replaces it.

GraphiTabs – keeps your tabs in order. The GraphiTabs extension helps to perform deep tabs management with ease. There’s no other extension to visualize and handle tabs better.

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